Papyrus Author is a fine program

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  1. Brian White

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    I first started using Papyrus many years ago in the days of OS/2, when it was only a word processor. Even then it was in my opinion the best OS/2 word processor, notable for its precise page layout. I have used it since then in it's many developments, to Papyrus Office and then Papyrus Author on MacOs.

    When the English-language version was no longer available I tried to use the German-language versions, but unfortunately my knowledge of German is so bad that that became impractical.

    Congratulations on the new English-language version. I hope that it is a great success.

    Brian White
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  2. chrisgl

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    I'm with you, Brian. I started using it on the Atari ST as a Desktop publishing program aaaand I've been using Papyrus Office ever since. I've been stuck at version 12.62 since, possibly, the last century desperately wishing I knew German and annually pestering Ulli about an update.
    Having been granted access to this beta test I am truly gob-smacked.

    I've always thought it strange to "have fun" with a program, but I /really/ have with Papyrus Author. I used to do all my documentation using Papyrus Office. It let you get on with the job without getting in the way unlike other programs. PA follows in that tradition
    PA has accepted all my old files, quite happily opening a file from 1990.

    My biggest disappointment with Papyrus Author is that, having retired, I won't be using it as much. I guess I'll have to think of a plot for a book!
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    Why pester Ulli for years, when you could've learned german in a year or two?

    Good luck with that book of yours!
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  4. chrisgl

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    I'm no good at 'real' languages. I had to (try to) learn French and German at school. Failed.
    It was only once a year : -D
  5. Bishop

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    I met with Ulli at the Nebula awards last year and just started using it. I'm really impressed with the software, it's everything they said and more. Well done. I haven't found anything major yet, but I'm really enjoying using this.
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